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appliance repair maplewood

At Appliance Repair Vauxhall we place an extreme emphasis on quality customer service. Of course this is directly related to the excellent results we provide, but we feel that how we provide that service is just as important. We insist that every appliance service technician on our team is professional at all times. They are expected to treat our customers with respect and dignity. Our experts will always provide friendly service quickly and effectively. No one does appliance repair like we do. We will fix the dryer, washer or any number of appliances typically found in the residential kitchen or laundry room.Appliance Repair Vauxhall NJ

Bordering Millburn, Springfield and Maplewood, the unincorporated community of Vauxhall is a friendly little community that we love to serve in Union County, New Jersey.

We excel at refrigerator, stove, dishwasher and microwave repair. Our experts will also fix your laundry room appliances. When you need appliance repair in Vauxhall, NJ there is really only one place to trust with the service and that is Vauxhall Appliance Repair. We carry a variety of replacement parts including belts for the washer and dryer. Our vans are also loaded with power switches, fuses and motors too. We carry all the parts we need to ensure the fastest and most accurate service feasible. We take home appliance repair seriously and it is easily appreciated in the results we provide.

We Set the Bar for Excellence

A successful local appliance repair service will set the bar of excellence high and cause the competition to meet those standards as well. In our book the job is not done until it is done right. Our commitment to customer service excellence is unwavering. We have established a tight bond with the residential community because we always do what we say we will do. There is something to be said about a company that keeps their word.

Appliance Repair Vauxhall is respected as an honest service provider that administers fast and accurate appliance service. Give us a call today and do not forget to inquire about our steadfast customer service guarantee.